BAASL Featured Player: Deidre Theis


Please share with us about your background as an athlete/player.

I have been playing soccer for a little over 18 years. I tend to either play striker or left half back. I have played on rec teams as well as competitive teams and I currently play on a co-ed team and two all women teams.

What do you like about the league?

I really enjoy playing for this league because I have so much respect for the league administrators. The league is very organized and guidelines are set up fair for both, players and administrators. The talent in this league is also quite phenomenal and me being a competitive player I enjoy playing against raw talent.

What do you enjoy doing outside of soccer?

I am very fitness driven so I enjoy going to the gym or outdoor activities (mostly swimming and hiking). I’m also a full-time student and spend lots of time with family. I have recently become a soccer referee as well which has been an awesome experience.

Are there any soccer figures/people you admire and what about them do you like?

I follow the USA Women's National team and go to many of their games. I recently met Samantha Mewis at their game a few months back when they played at Avaya Stadium. I also flew down to LA just for the day to see the women's double header tournament. I think Samantha is a phenomenal player and a key component to the USA Women's National team. Also it is badass seeing our team out there killing it against some talented countries.

What is your fondest memory of soccer?

Honestly I have too many fond memories. I have been playing soccer for such a long time that I don’t consider it just a sport anymore, it’s a lifestyle. But when I think about soccer in general the best time for me are the days that I get to play for hours on end and until my legs are too sore to move.

Was there any experience in particular that influenced your love of soccer?

I started playing soccer as a kid to blow off energy and my passion for the game took on a life of it’s own. I currently play on 3 different teams, and if I’m not playing in a game, I’m either at pickup or reffing. Soccer will always be a part of my life.

Do you have any rituals you do before playing a game? 

I’m not sure I would consider them rituals, but before the game I will do the FIFA warmup and dynamic stretching. I have suffered from some soccer knee injuries so I must make sure that I warm up my knee.  Other than that, I have certain soccer attire I will always wear during games and that is about all.

What do you think the future of soccer in the U.S. will look like?

I think the future of soccer in the US is constantly growing. More and more talent is being discovered and kids are starting at such a young age. I love the fan base that soccer has and how it brings people from all walks of life together. I see the talent continuing to grow, and I will enjoy going to even more games. 

Anything else about yourself you'd like to share with the BAASL community?

I think the BAASL is a great community, and I would love to continue to meet everyone through pickups and more BAASL social event to celebrate our love for the sport.