See League Forms for a complete list of league rules.  The basic summary of our on-field rules are as follows: 

  • Modified FIFA rules and certified referees are used in all games. Pursuant to FIFA rules, yellow carded players receive a time-out during the game ("Sin Bins").

  • No slide tackling in co-ed leagues (slide tackling only allowed in mens and womens leagues)

  • No offsides rule, except in 11 v 11 leagues.

  • Regarding high-kick rule in all leagues, refer to FIFA - Law 12.

  • Shinguards are required; jewelry is not allowed.

  • Games are comprised of two 25-minute halves (8v8 or Futsal), two 35-minute halves (Albany 7v7), two 45-minute halves (11 v 11 mens leagues), or two 40-minute halves (San Francisco 11 v 11 leagues).

  • All players must check in with their player pass to the referee before the game starts.

  • No unregistered players allowed. All players must sign a release waiver before participating.

  • All co-ed leagues require a minimum number of female players, or designated players where applicable. A team forfeits if they cannot field a minimum number of players, including a minimum number of female players.

  • For co-ed leagues with Designated Players (DP), a DP is defined as a male player over 44 yrs old.

  • All players must sign a release waiver before participating.

Please click on the below link for the full BAASL league rules for individual competitions. All players and their captains are responsible for knowing and following all rules.

Link to BAASL Rules

Here are some of the benefits of playing in our futsal (5V5), 7v7 (half-field), and/or 8v8 (half-field) games:

  1. More player participation;

  2. More touches of the ball;

  3. More passes attempted;

  4. More 1v1's attempted;

  5. More goals scored; and

  6. More goalkeeper participation.