Female players

Hello, female soccer players! I am Clara, one of the league admins at BAASL. I have also been playing in various co-ed leagues throughout the East Bay for the last few years.

As with all co-ed leagues, we are always in need of women. I understand that many female players have had bad experiences in previous co-ed leagues, or have never joined in fear of being injured, subbed out, not passed to, or disrespected. We try really hard to make sure that our league is extremely pleasant for women to play in. This year in particular I will be checking in with all of our female players throughout the season, making sure they're comfortable and have someone to talk to. Some of the league's best players are women, and we want to continue to increase that number!  We also take pride in the fact that both our division A and division B teams have won championships under the leadership of female captains!

Please get in contact with any concerns or questions. I'd love to answer questions from prospective players as well as be an outlet for current ones. You can email me at info@baasl.org.