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To register to play, visit us at www.baasl.org/registration


3060 El Cerrito Plaza, No. 334,
El Cerrito, CA 94530

(510) 900-9559

Bay Area Adult Soccer League fosters a sense of community through the fun of organized sports. BAASL is a place where people of all skill levels, interests, and walks of life can enjoy playing. One of our goals is to give you a place to play your favorite sports with new and old friends! Join one of our 100+ outdoor or indoor teams and become a BAASLista!  Serving all Bay Area cities, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Pablo, Berkeley, Albany, Walnut Creek, Hayward, and San Rafael.  #bayareasoccer #baasl

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Player Passes




All BAASL players must have a current Player Pass which has been issued for that day’s league in order to be allowed to participate in games.

A player pass issued for a specific BAASL league may not be used to play for a separate BAASL league on a different day.

In order to receive your player pass, you must upload a current photo of yourself into your online Leagueapps profile.

BAASL will print out player passes at the beginning of the season and deliver them to the team captain.

Photograph Image Requirements

  • Must be in JPG or PNG form in ‘medium’ or ‘large size’ (not ‘actual size’).
  • Must be close-up, well-lit, and headshot-sized
  • Must clearly show your face (no sunglasses, hats, etc).
  • Selfies are okay!
  • Must not be a Facebook image. If you’ve connected with your Facebook profile, we will be unable to print your Facebook image on your Player Pass.

Upload Instructions

In order to upload a photo, please take these steps:

1. Log in from your phone, iPad, or computer at www.baasl.org, scroll all the way to the bottom, enter your Player Log-in name and password.

2. Once you are logged on, look at the top right corner of the page and click “Dashboard.” After you click Dashboard, look for the “Edit Profile” link at the bottom of the page (on the left hand side).

3. Click Edit Profile and then click “Browse” to choose a photo from your library.

4. Once you’ve selected a photo, click “Upload” and wait until your photo pops up on the page before saving and logging out.

5. If due to any system errors you are unable to upload a photo into your online Leagueapps profile, please feel free to email a photo to info@baasl.org or, as a final option, send a text message with your photo, name and team name to 510-900- 9559

Requesting Player Passes after the season has started

Captains must notify the League 48 hours in advance of their next game to register new players after the season has started. Requests for new player passes must be submitted to info@baasl.org and take approx. 1 week to process.   Passes are usually mailed directly to team captains. A $5 player pass fee applies for each player pass requested after week 2, including replacement cards for lost, stolen or damaged player passes.

Turning In Player Passes at the end of the season

All player passes must be returned at the end of each season. Players should turn in their set of player passes to the referees or any league administrator.