Team managers that agree to a team sponsorship from 3rd parties may do so with BAASL's pre-approved sole consent.  BAASL does not charge teams or sponsor fees for sponsorships, but all sponsors and their messages must be pre-approved BAASL. 

Team sponsorship does not allow the sponsor to advertise, market, or use BAASL's tradename, logo, identity, or goodwill, including BAASL's affiliates, in anyway without BAASL's consent.  Team sponsorship is therefore limited to the sponsor's pre-approved message on the sponsored team's jersey kit (jersey top, shorts, socks, and cleats). 

As a condition to team sponsorship, BAASL requires all players on the sponsored team to wear the sponsor's message to all games and BAASL-related events without any alterations. If the sponsor paid for all the team's jerseys, then each player must return the jersey to the sponsor if required to do so by the sponsor. Under no circumstances will BAASL or any of its affiliates be held responsible for collection of sponsored jerseys.