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The basic summary of our on-field rules are as follows: 

  • All co-ed leagues use utilize a designated players (DP). A team forfeits if they can field a minimum number of players, including one DP.
  • A DPis defined as a female or a male player over 44 yrs old.  In co-ed leagues, at least one female player must be on the field at all times.
  • Any player on a team may take a direct, indirect, or penalty kick.
  • No slide tackling or offsides rule, except in 11 v 11 leagues. 
  • High kicks are never allowed. 
  • Shinguards are required; jewelry is not allowed. 
  • Games are comprised of two 25-minute halves (8v8, 7v7, or Futsal), two 35-minute halves (Albany Cougar Turf), or two 45-minute halves (11 v 11 leagues).
  • All players must check in to the referee before the game starts with their player pass. 
  • All players must sign a release waiver before participating. 

Please click on the above links for the full BAASL league rules. All players and their captains are responsible for knowing and following all rules.