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(510) 900-9559

Bay Area Adult Soccer League fosters a sense of community through the fun of organized sports. BAASL is a place where people of all skill levels, interests, and walks of life can enjoy playing. One of our goals is to give you a place to play your favorite sports with new and old friends! Join one of our 100+ outdoor or indoor teams and become a BAASLista!  Serving all Bay Area cities, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Pablo, Berkeley, Albany, Walnut Creek, Hayward, and San Rafael.  #bayareasoccer #baasl

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League: Monday Mens

monday men's 8v8
west oakland

The BAASL 8v8 Monday night league at Oakland Raimondi turf is a popular destination for Monday night men’s soccer. Play competitively or recreationally, and bring a cool attitude to its collegial atmosphere. Ten BAASL teams play four seasons a year at the popular field tucked away in the industrial area of Emeryville/West Oakland.  

the details

The Monday night league offers two divisions, A and B. All games are 8v8 including the goalkeeper. Matches are played on half-field, 50 minutes long (two 25 minute halves), and played at 8:45 pm and 9:45 pm. All games occur on turf fields and are never cancelled over rain.


Winter 2017
Division A - Barrage FC
Division B - AC NorCal

Fall 2016
Division A - Barrage FC
Division B - Cerveza DC

Summer 2016
Division A - Oakland FC
Division B - Wolf Sport

Spring 2016
Division A - Sayula FC
Division B - Noodle Boiz FC



1800 Wood St.
Oakland, CA 94620



In order to ensure that games are well-regulated, BAASL asks all teams to wear identical jersey tops with numbers on the back. Players must present their official BAASL player pass at each match. And all games are officiated by some of the Bay Area’s most experienced, certified referees.

BAASL primarily uses FIFA Rules to govern matches, with a few exceptions as listed in the BAASL 8v8 Rules.  Slide-tackles are permitted in this league. Schedule and Standings can be viewed using the link at the top of this page. Additional League Reminders should be viewed on the Schedule & Standings page. 

Championship games are held at the end of the season. Winners take home custom-made individual BAASL champion medals, receive a permanent plaque on the BAASL perpetual trophy, and are awarded a 10% team fee discount for the following season. Multiple-season winners receive additional awards.